Jeff McNutt was born in Iowa in 1967 and began his artistic pursuits in 1989 while working for The Walt Disney Company.  In 1991 he moved to Los Angeles and continued his art education in animation houses across Hollywood, with street artists in LA, and also at Cal Arts in Valencia, CA.  In 1993, Jeff moved back to Iowa to study graduate painting at The University of Iowa where he started to merge the ideas of animation, street art, and the beauty of nature.

"The content of my work is inspired by a desire to communicate a sense of life and presence.  Much like sculpture, I want my artwork to have a feeling of creation and affect a space with color and movement.

Much of my references start with a landscape, primarily from the Midwest.  My artwork is inspired by the streets of Chicago, the lush green hills of Wisconsin, and Iowa’s rich landscape where Grant Wood once painted and called home.  It is rich in color, spiritual and natural.

I apply and take off oil paint, oil stick, and spray paint until the painting starts to have a history like distressed art on old brick buildings.  Many of the marks on the canvas are inspired by animation sketches, adding a sense of movement and life in the work.

When my art is completed, my painting has been molded into an abstract movement on canvas.  I want the work to affect a space with a sense of beauty and soul; to create a feeling where there is an energy coming off the canvas."

– Jeff McNutt